DenteMax Reaches PPO Dental Network Milestone with 200,000 Dentist Access Points

200,000 Access PointsSouthfield, Mich. -- DenteMax, one of the largest leasable dental networks in the country, has reached 200,000 dentist access points, a major milestone in the company’s PPO network growth. Access points represent anywhere a member can go to receive high-quality DenteMax dental care. Network size is one of the best ways to demonstrate the value of the DenteMax PPO dental network. It focuses on the company’s leasing clients of insurance companies, third-party administrators and individual groups’, their individual members, and their ability to gain access to dental care.

“Meeting this milestone in DenteMax network growth is essential to making the network a success for its more than 200 client partners,” said Mike Miller, Vice President of Dental Networks and Professional Relations, DenteMax. “I personally want to thank the entire DenteMax team, our client partners and all our dentists in helping us achieve this milestone.”

“A true American business story, DenteMax, began by recruiting a small number of dentists in the metro Detroit area of Michigan and has grown into something truly amazing,” said Melissa Wagner, President and CEO of DenteMax. “DenteMax’s business model of forming long-lasting partnerships with dentists, client partners and their members is the key factor in the company’s continued success. I want to thank everyone involved in reaching this goal.”

DenteMax was able to achieve this goal of 200,000 dentist access points with a targeted focus on both general and customized recruitment campaigns. These campaigns incorporate direct mail, telerecruitment and member and dentist referrals. The DenteMax recruitment strategy incorporates client partner membership access needs with marketplace availability of practicing dentists. Thus allowing, DenteMax, to have the right dentists, in the right places, for client partners and their members.  

Reasons to Join
DenteMax also provides dentists with great reasons to join DenteMax with expanded reach and increased marketing visibility to over 9 million members.  The visibility helps dentists increase their overall chair time and continue to make their practices profitable. Membership also offer them easy administration with one fee schedule, great customer service and an inclusive program for multiple offices and multiple dentists working at one practice.