The DenteMax dental PPO network provides more than 20 million members, like you, with the following exceptional features:

Freedom to choose any dentist in our network. Each family member can choose his or her own dentist – even if they are all at different locations.

All dentists in the DenteMax network are credentialed upon entry to the network, and re-credentialed every three years. Our strict credentialing policy gives you peace of mind.

DenteMax focuses on recruiting the right dentists in the right places for members. We grow our network to meet your needs. This helps to ensure you will have a DenteMax dentist close to home.

Oral Health

Oral Health

DenteMax believes that your oral health is an essential element to your overall health.

News You Can Use

News You Can Use

Keep up to date with all the latest dental wellness news you can use to improve your smile and overall health.

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